Course curriculum

    1. Homework: Introduction to MSK US

    2. Homework (Intro): Probe Position

    3. Homework (Intro): Probe Stabilization

    4. Homework (Intro): Orientation of image (Probe Position)

    5. Homework (Intro): Orientation of Image (US Image)

    6. Homework (Intro): Proper Gain (Too Low)

    7. Homework (Intro): Proper Gain (Too High)

    8. Homework (Intro): Proper Gain (Just Right)

    9. Homework (Intro): Video of Probe (Glide, Fan, Rotation)

    10. Homework (Intro): Video of Probe (Rocking & Long to Short Axis)

    11. Homework (Intro): Video of On/Off Angle of Achilles Tendon

About this course

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  • 11 lessons
  • 0 hours of video content